I have titled my newest drawing series Stitch Stitch because both the making and the result echo intricate needlework . One tiny stitch after another adds up to ground covered. It's repetitive yet every stitch is unique. The whole is beautiful from a distance and fascinating close up. The macro enhances the micro and vice versa.

Individual works evoke a sense of place or entity and awareness of differentiation and cohesion within.

Themes are perspective, intricacy, mortality, and patterning, along with the inherent value of stark light and shadow in perceiving meaning within our individual lives.

The Piety pen and ink series draws 

upon classic storybook 

illustration, iconography, 

archetypology, and 

posture study woven into an 

ongoing contemplation of pictorial linguistics. 

Themes are aloofness, compassion, religiosity,  gesture, 

costuming, and quiet interaction.

My marks have a practiced, careful but lightly palsied hand. My lines are characterized by patient care

rather than perfectionism.

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