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Everything, and then After

The painting:

6 x 9 foot oil triptych


with companion piece, the bundled layered, and intensely stitched, A Grief, Resolved

Let Me Tell You 

is a hybrid digital study for future assemblage work.

It's built around a small detail section of the massive painting Everything, and Then After. 

The central mask, a tiny detail in the midst of hundreds of details in that work, has always been compelling to me, and it's led to a number of spun-off works like this one highlighting that few inches. I'm sure there are more to come as I just find it more intriguing the more work it drives forward. 

This piece is 9 x 9 inches

The Return II

is another spin off hybrid piece, this time from an earlier tiny progress detail of the same section of Everything and Then After.


I work for many months and sometimes years on the big oil paintings, and their complexity - both of the finished works and of the library of progression photos I keep of each one - provide rich ground for the self-referential hybrid work that follow in their trails. 

This piece is 5 x 7 inches



Re-drawing Everything and then After 


is a self-referential hand-drawn digital reinterpretation of the original oil painting, available as a separate work. 

I make these reinterpretations of my most complex, compelling, or simply favorite oil paintings, in a cloisonné-reminiscent style with hard black outlines of abutting color pools. 

You can see more Re-drawings here

more of the large oil paintings in this body of work here

more hybrids here

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