stitch stitch drawings

These marks, like stitches, are repetitive yet every stitch is unique, and hours hundreds and thousands of tiny marks add up to a lot of ground covered. The effect is intricate and lace-like.

Each work evokes both the notion of a world and the sense of an individual cell. My focus is on differentiation and cohesion within everything from the cellular level to the cosmic. The macro enhances the micro and vice versa.

Using only black ink and the fine lines of a .25mm pen I create depth and tonality by compiling tiny shapes with an awareness of aperture and its function in admitting or refusing light.


Themes are perspective, intricacy, mortality, and patterning, along with the inherent value of stark light and shadow in perceiving shades of grey.

I Hemmed the Shore
The Asleep Curtain
Grown Up So High
The Road and the River with Pie
Edge of the World
Still Right Here
The Landing
Woo Dragon
Pog Flies