sketchbook drawings

Time Waits
Wait, What
My Bird Came Wrapped as a Fish
Setting Them Off
Me Fish You Fish
Standing on His Principles
She Never Claimed to Be a Simple Fis
She Put on Her Brave Face
Hey I'm Over Here
I Heard a Story
Eels in Love
He Slipped Right out of His Suit
And When It Was Time She Rung in the
Walking Fish
My Boat and the Sea and my Friends
The Churchcat
The Puppetmaster
Something Fiercr
Because It Already Fled
I Stand up Very Straight
I Lean a Little Left
Small Bug Ready to Fly
I Call Him Petunia
Bug with Leg Extended
Anonymous Fish Thing 1
He Never Claimed to Be a Complicated
I Make My Home in this Old Dead Fish
Outcropping 1
Fish House
A Minute to Digest That
Guy 2
When Joan Forgot to Be a Nun
Sitting Frog
Your Magesty
I'll Wait Right Here
Small Drawing
On Tuesdays She Goes out on a Leash
Keep Your Distance, Book
Fish 3
Fish 2
Am I Overdressed

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