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my falling dress

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my falling dress is an intricate, dense construction of fabric, thread, and objects, in progress.


Currently the scale of the piece is around six feet wide by five feet tall.

my falling dress is third in an ongoing series, following grief, resolved and egg,

grief, resolved is a memorial piece I worked on sporadically for about 7 years, constructed mostly from clothing and small objects that belonged to my son. 

Egg followed quickly after I had completed the first piece, and for me it's symbolic of movement from one phase of life to another, a movement so significant it seems like a movement from one whole life to another. 

my falling dress is a more detailed and suggestive depiction of the experience and posture of transformation, essentially a death to birth experience of falling, crashing, new awareness, what we leave, what we carry, what is transient vs eternal.


If the grief and egg pieces are snapshots of states of being, falling dress is a film of the process of movement between and surrounding, and beyond.

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